About 2022 Annual Meeting

(April 30, 2022) At the first in-person Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting since 2019, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger discuss their $40 billion buying spree, an unusual merger arbitrage play, and their dislike of bitcoin as a long-term investment.

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letters

Berkshire Hathaway's per-share market value soared by 29.6% in 2021, but only narrowly outperformed the S&P's 28.7% gain, as optimistic speculators fueled a strong stock rally, despite the January Sixth attack on the Capitol, high inflation, and continued supply chain disruptions due to the COVID pandemic. In his letter to shareholders, Buffett said there was little "new or interesting" action at Berkshire, but that he and Charlie Munger had made "reasonable progress" in increasing the intrinsic value of the company's shares, in part by repurchasing them.

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