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Buffett: Business schools teach "very little of how to value a business"

Tue, Sep 11 2018 • 12:42 PM EDT

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have been critical through the years of the way business schools teach about investments and the stock market. They say the great universities make these topics too complicated and fail to teach the fundamentals.

1995: Business schools focusing on financial "fads"

Buffett and Munger say business and investing are a whole lot simpler than business schools and consultants try to make them.

2001: "I don't know any other kind of investing to do"

Warren Buffett criticizes business schools for failing to teach students how to value businesses, which he sees as the foundation and heart of investing.

2009: How Buffett would run his business school

Warren Buffett describes the principles he would teach if he were in charge of educating business students about investing.

2010: "We all owe a lot to the employment culture of McDonald's"

Buffett and Munger say the "conventional wisdom" in American business schools contributed to the 2007 and 2008 recession, and Munger explains why he views McDonald's as an important American educational institution.

2011: "The graphs don't even exist that I would use to teach"

Charlie Munger explains why, if he were teaching business, he would use graphs that illustrate the business history of a company like General Motors.

2011: Ignoring a staple of business schools

Business students are taught to make economic projections. Buffett and Munger explain why they don't put much faith in projections and tend to "throw them aside."

2015: Business school training can be a "handicap"

Buffett and Munger say business school isn't necessary – and it could even be harmful at times.