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Buffett: Never bet against America

Mon, Jul 2 2018 • 5:19 PM EDT

A significant part of Warren Buffett's enormous financial success is built on the money he's put behind his unwavering belief that America's brand of capitalism, from the earliest days of its founding, has fueled ever-growing prosperity for its businesses and its people, and that it will continue to do so far into the future.

1997: Why America will remain competitive

At Berkshire's Hathaway's 1997 shareholder meeting, Buffett explains why he's not worried the "age of classical industrial America has passed."

2004: Despite challenges, optimism for America's future

Despite a war in Iraq, increasing consumer debt, and declining job growth, Buffett remains positive, pointing out that the country has always recovered in the past, even when facing "an equally impressive number of negative factors."

2004: "A country characterized by lots of immigration"

In response to a question about U.S. immigration law, Buffett talks about how he suspects America's "incredible record" of economic growth over the decades has been helped by the people who came to the United States from other countries.

2009: Seeing past the "Great Recession"

Just months after a devastating credit crisis helps plunge the U.S. into its worst economic crisis since the 1930s, Buffett still believes "the opportunities will win in the end."

2013: Born in the USA

At the 2013 Berkshire meeting, Buffett acknowledges that he's benefited from luck, getting a "huge, huge, huge advantage" just from having been born in the United States. And he, says, he's not the only lucky one.

2016: "This country works ... it's working now"

During a presidential campaign in which Donald Trump was promising to "Make America Great Again," Buffett, a backer of Hillary Clinton's candidacy, tells Becky Quick on CNBC's "Squawk Box" why he takes issue with Trump's premise.

2017: America will do fine no matter who is in the White House

On the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration, after the Dow had rallied 7.6 percent since Election Day, Buffett is asked how he thinks the new president will affect the stock market in the months ahead.